Welcome to Sweet Exposure Photography Studio - I am so flattered that you are currently checking us out (insert a wink right here). 

I'm Shirley, the owner and lead photographer.  I am a mom, wife, friend and foodie.  I love a great glass of wine with a huge platter of cheese and a mean cheesey dip with fancy crackers!  I have always loved arts and photography for as long as I could remember....After choosing a career in law, I missed using my creative flair and craved the happiness I felt in it.  I opened my photography business as a hobby before getting married in 2008.  My husband and I joked that one day...maybe just someday....someone would ACTALLY hire me as their wedding photographer....after having our first son in 2009 and becoming fully engulfed and obsessed with photographing all things beautiful it became a full out business. 

Since, I've opened a portrait studio located in a 200 year old Mill in the quaint village of Ayr in 2011.  I have photographed wee newborns, tons of families, hundreds of weddings and even some livestock in the studio (for real...I've had piglets and lambs and bunnies in the studio)...but the best part of my adventure has been making friends along the way.  I simply love the happiness and joy photographing portraits - I have been able to share some of the most happiest and memorable moments in people's lives.  Also....I am totally honoured that they have chosen me to capture it. 


The studio is open by appointment only - and I photograph sessions Monday to Fridays. 

Unfortunately all Saturday & Sundays are used for mini sessions or weddings - with the odd one saved for my loved ones. 




So this is me.....Hey...I'm Shirley, and here's a wee bit about me...I love family,  friends, laughing and giggling...while constantly craving potato chips n'dip, any sort of cheese, wine and anything else delicious. I use fart jokes to make your children smile (I'm classy!), I have a crazy loud belly laugh, and I adore capturing everyones natural smirks and quirks, and even their shy pouty lips too....




We cannot wait to be a part of your photography experience! 

Just fill in these lovely boxes and we'll get back to your within 24-48 hours.   


**** sorry, unfortunately we do not take passport photos****

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58 Stanley St.
Ayr, Ontario
Canada N0B1E0
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